Propiedades descubre altea
Nos esforzamos en encontrar la propiedad que cumpla todos sus requisitos.


Builder promoters receive inquiries to build real estate since Covid-19 led millions of people to work from home. The coronavirus is making teleworking more widespread and valued; and put to be at home, that it is located in a place with good weather.

This intention is growing among Central European workers, according to the Association of Real Estate Developers of the Province of Alicante (Provia), which ensures that it has detected the interest among European professionals in the real estate sector with the intention of settling on the Costa Blanca. In this association they have received some two hundred inquiries in recent weeks about the possibilities of establishing themselves in Alicante, more particularly in the Marina Baixa, and about the taxation that would be applicable in that situation.


The requirements are “spacious homes focused on living abroad, with a good climate and quality public services“, according to Provia.


The countries with the greatest interest in developing teleworking after the Covid-19 crisis are Germany, the Netherlands and the Nordic states of Sweden and Norway. The interest of German citizens is generated, for example, by the recent interest that your government has in legislating teleworking and facilitating its implementation. This gives the possibility for multiple citizens to telecommute away from large cities and increase their quality of life in places with good weather, less pollution and closer to nature. In this sense, the Costa Blanca is one of the chosen destinations.

As the association explains “telework generates many opportunities that we must take advantage of. For this, a collective effort of all is necessary, where the administrations have an essential role that they must exercise with prudence, but with the responsibility of not losing this window. business and job and wealth generation for our territory“.  The arrival of highly qualified professionals from large companies, with high purchasing power, and who can work thousands of kilometers from their work centers, is an incentive for the economy of Alicante, since they can accelerate internal demand.

We are facing a very interesting opportunity for our country, and great opportunities for the real estate sector. The administrations must provide the tools to take advantage of the demand and turn the residential construction and tourism sector into the engine that drives employment and economic activity on the Costa Blanca.