Propiedades descubre altea
Nos esforzamos en encontrar la propiedad que cumpla todos sus requisitos.
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Undoubtedly we are living uncertain times, however, they always say that crises are stops for some, but opportunity for others, and the real estate sector is one of them. The experts in the sector have a positive vision, and they encourage us to invest, of course, with good advice, since the real estate market will offer interesting opportunities in the coming months, both for those looking for a home to live in, as for those who do it to invest.

For those who buy as an investment, the opportunities will be even greater, as the prices of second-hand homes fall and, however, rental income remains firm. The housing market will present multiple aspects for investors, logically in a context of economic difficulties.


Currently the owners are more open, to listen to offers, that is, they are more flexible, when negotiating prices, either due to liquidity needs, or due to change in the personal needs of the home where they currently reside, and who wish to change ; This is due to the fact that during confinement we have learned to value different aspects at home. Therefore, it is definitely a good time to be aware of prices and know how to find a good opportunity, either to enjoy the home or to convert the property into a vacation rental, of course, taking into account certain points.

1/ Invest for enjoyment,

where we shuffle 2 options:

-The change of housing due to change of preferences. As we listed before, the confinement due to the state of alarm by the Covid-19, has made us learn to appreciate different things, such as quality free time, either alone, or with family and / or friends. For this reason, especially families with children, have begun to consider the possibility of investing in a different type of home, with, for example, a small plot, or garden, that allows a space for recreation and recreation of higher quality for the family.

-Acquisition of a second residence

This option has to do with the previous one, learning to value different things and see them from another perspective. Having a second residence, close to the current one, or not, gives us the possibility of enjoying quality free time, but in a completely different environment, since for this we will look for a type of property different from the current one, which offers us those opportunities , which we currently do not have.

2/ Invest for Vacation Rentals,

The possibility of investing to obtain a return, and also of course, the possibility of enjoyment when you are not busy. To do this, we must take into account what type of public we want to attract and look for the right property for that ideal client, for example, if we want to attract a foreign public, the property must have a terrace, swimming pool, and be close to the main services; On the other hand, if our ideal client is a national, the swimming pool would be a requirement, but the proximity to the services would not be so essential.
In addition, it is interesting to take into account the activities that can be carried out in the town, and its surroundings, since this will also make the home more attractive when it comes to being chosen as a holiday destination.
In these cases and doing a good market study, there would be between 5.5 and 9.5%, very positive figures, profitability.

The province of Alicante is one of the best areas to invest in vacation rental properties, due to the tourist influx that it has every year, and which we have seen reinforced this summer, with the holidays after the state of alarm.