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Many owners think that collaborating with several agencies will get more potential buyers. Let us tell you that you are wrong!
The fact that your property is on the market in a single real estate agency will immediately generate a feeling of scarcity in the market that will increase the value of the house, create greater demand and stimulate sales more quickly. For this reason, it seems very important that you know firsthand what are the advantages you will have when offering the sale of your house exclusively:



1/ Written commitment by the agency, which will result in a higher quality and more personalized service.

2/ Motivación y mayor compromiso para la venta, When the property is for sale in a single agency, the agent will have an extra motivation, a more exhaustive value study will be carried out, which will help to focus on the ideal client.

3/ A single price on the market, with which we make sure that the offers are closer to the real price of the house and are less aggressive.

4/ Greater possibility of investment in advertising resources and especially in digital marketing aimed at the different European markets, that will allow us to address the type of clients we want.

5/ Greater control and security, by having exclusivity, The agency will be more concerned that the property is in the best conditions to promote its quick sale.

6/ A single interlocutor, a single person in charge, A personal real estate advisor will keep the owner informed of all the steps that will be taken to manage the sale of their property.


We must bear in mind that the fact of NOT HAVING AN EXCLUSIVE PROPERTY can bring with it many inconveniences, which will result in a longer time of the property on the market. Having our property in more than one agency can generate different prices, bring with it the distrust of the buyers and “burn” the sale. The investment in digital marketing will not be the same either and will decrease considerably.


In conclusion, having the home exclusively with a real estate agency is the guarantee that all the management of the sale of your home will be done with all the care, effort and dedication that you would do yourself, adding the good work of a professional dedicated 100% to your property.